If you want peace…

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Shakespeare in your comics, IV serale

Hi kids,

Here are some of your awesome comics, well done!

Food Pyramid

Hi kids,

As I had promised, here are your pyramids, they are great!

Salone del Libro 2017

Dear kids,

A nice memory of us there 🙂

novels into films – IE

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novels into films – IG

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IIIA Shakespeare into film

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Support your teacher

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Being educated

Hi kids, this article teaches something really important. Read it, enjoy it! 


Global Teacher Prize

Italy in UAE su Twitter: “🇮🇹 PM @PaoloGentiloni ‘s videomessage to mark Italian participation as Country Partner in @GESForum & @TeacherPrize #inDubai https://t.co/514lZvfzc9”