Gothic literature

Dear kids,

let me introduce a couple of interesting hints about one of the most well known Gothic novels: Frankenstein.

The first link is the one to the British Library. It gives some information about the whole genre within some articles about specific works. Find the article relating to Frankenstein that you like best and say why.

The second link is to a video which might be useful. Among all the film representations of this novel, Kenneth Branagh’s one is certainly one of the most dramatic. Here is the scene of the creation.

And now compare it to the parody of the novel, the incredibly famous Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein

Now it’s your turn:

List all the Gothic elements you have detected in the three short videos.

how many films have been made out of this novel? Find all that you can online and fill in a list. Have you ever watched any of these films? If yes, did you like it?

What do you think a film based on this novel should really display? Why?


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