Romantic poetry

Every time a group of students start studying Romantic poetry it is a great emotion, on the one side they have little knowledge about poetry in general, on the other hand they do not realize how cool poerty can be until they get to write some lines of their own.

So I would like to celebrate their ability and willingness by publishing here their poems. We tried to get our own inspiration by the environment, as the Romantic poets used to do, but as we are surrounded by urban landscapes, that was our starting point.

Here they are, enjoy the reading!


I am on the bus, falling asleep.
It’s moving and it seems like when your mother cradles you before go to bed.
There is too much people; I’m sitting on an unconfortable and cold chair. My back is broken.
Beatrice Brucoli


The sun is setting and the dark is coming,
houses create shadows on the blacktop,
people are coming home
like ants come to their anthill.
From the highest point of the castle
I can see all of this: people, houses, buildings and cities.
A feeling of freedom pulsates in my veins.
If only I could be free everytime I want.
If only I could see the world from the top everytime I want.
If only I could fly.

Vittoria Ghiringhelli



Nobody is walking in this street,
4 AM on my watch.
I can feel the rubbish bus next to me
saying <<That’s not the right way.>>

Giacomo Urbino


Looking at the stars
Waiting for the bus

Looking at the street
Thinking about the person that i have meet

Walk in all the city and thinking that you are only a person in a big world.

Morgana Tarquino


Angels falling from balconies

in a city that laughs to their felonies.

They can’t get rid of their memories,

They can’t get rid of their agony.

Gabriele Mussio Bloisi


Car’s speed is like life’s fugacity.
Live your life, live everything moment, love your life.
Don’t be afraid of speed, because is the only thing makes us feel alive.

Lodovica Tello


There is nothing prettier than
a city in a winter night
with its empty street
and its dark sky with its bright windows.

Chiara Girardi


My city is messy and chaotic
Here I feel like a stranger
But her movement is so hypnotic
My sense seems to be in danger

Cars flash fast and lights are blinding
My feelings are deep but nobody cares
To find the reason my life I’m rewinding
And I’ve realized I’ve lost all my dares.

Francesco Rusconi


I see lights
In this late-night,
Like stars in the sky.
From the top of this building
All the city shine.

Angela Festino


I look at the sky
and I wondwr why.
The sky looks so grey
and I go stray.
Everything looks bigger than me
and I wonder if I will ever find the peace I need.
Iman El Ouarrak


The city by night
A million lights fill the sky
Filling the Emptiness

Lorenzo Porporato


As a lonely star in the sky
I stand near the bus stop,
And then they came.
Thoughts about the past, Thoughts about the future
The future.
Confusing as the fog
Which makes the city even more anonymous
Even more grey than before.

The bus arrives
And suddenly I’m no longer alone,
So many stars like me
Someone brighter, someone darker,
Most of us are blind
Blind by the fog
Which makes us more anonymous
Even more grey than before

Alessandro Colli

Just a second of reflection in the dark city’

I look at the road, the first thing I focuse on

are cars, because their noise wants to take

my attention off my reflection.

I would like silence around me.

Then, in the few moments in which there aren’t

cars in the street, I realize that without their

engine’s sound I feel alone, and after all,

I like that sound. Because it means life,

life of people who could be me.

It’s beautiful to look in front of me, seeing

houses’ windows and understand that I’m not

alone. There are a lot of other people who live

right in front of me. I can guess how they are

and what they do.

But I will never be them. I’m my soul. I can’t

get out from myself. In the soul everyone has

his essentiality.

In the city there’s confusion, there are lights,

symbol of life and energy, busy lives.

But everyone should have a minute to dedicate

to oneself, everyone should stop and reflect.

About anything. Anything that could deter our soul.

Observing from the outside how our life is,

as we were spectators of a film in which we are

characters too.

Giorgia Bonvicino

City lights.

Yesterday I saw the city lights.
No, I didn’t see them: I figured out, I realised the city lights. I felt them.
Driving back home, passenger seat.
I walk through that street everyday. I could walk that street with my eyes closed, though I had never seen them like I did yesterday.
Driving back home, passenger seat, I saw the lights.
Half past eleven. I turned my head and felt surprised.
I looked at them as if it was the first time, as if it was a street I had never seen before.
It felt like landing in Los Angeles or New York and looking around you and feeling the majesty, with the lights exploding inside you.
Driving back home, passenger seat, I won’t forget it.
My hometown is certainly nothing like Los Angeles or New York, but yesterday I’m sure I saw the same city lights in all of their majesty, and felt the same spark exploding inside me.
Giorga Di Stefano
The tombestone
In the graveyard  I see death
In the graveyard I see the dawn,
Every morning I see a graveyard
And every morning I feel the pain.In every tear I have spent
Many leaves have fallen,
But as God knows
The dead will not return.

And so I reach the stone
The stone who owns the name
Of the people I have loved.

The death took their lives
Like a man who took a flower,
and blow all the petals, in the empty arms of a superior lover.

Federico Gili



I see a sunset from my window,
a voile of clouds as a pillow
so loud which enters in my brain,
so red that’s flowing in my veins
I wish I had more words
to escape from this world
but I just see what I can,
should I write it with my pen?
Federico Tafuni
everyone’s sleeping
I can’t
I see the city from my window
I see the lights
I see the threes in front of me
lightened from the stars, are like a Christmas three
I feel like the master of this city
Chiara Lentini
Turin by night.
We can see many lights
Behind some famous hights.
Erika Daniele
When I turn my head up, I see many lights in the sky.
They look like paintings in the dark.
When I see them, I think about Christmas that is coming.
This artistic lights every year remind me of past Christmas when I was a kid.
Martina Casaro
In this color’s play
The lights are beautiful.
Shadows in darksome.
Eyes look it, they reflected these lights.
Immerse the soul in this show.
Francesca Pugliese

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