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Dear kids,

as I told you during the lessons, you can find here all the articles that I’ve selected from the BBC lately . You can choose to read them, read and summarize them (according to the summary rules we have given at school), write some thoughts about them or deepen some interesting issues inspired by them. You decide.

Never stop getting informed!

We don’t tip black people

The woman who became a corporation –

Do you know how the European Union works? –

Freedom 251: India firm to launch ‘world’s cheapest’ smartphone –

Kenyan de-radicalisation teacher on $1m prize shortlist –

Israeli-Palestinian love story becomes a bestseller –

Another Hong Kong worker at anti-Beijing bookshop ‘disappears’ –

Ten of the best drone photos of 2015 –

John Cleese revives Basil Fawlty for TV advert –

Malala and Muzoon reunite to proclaim benefits of education –

Human rights reform still a long way off –

Scars laid bare one year after Peshawar school massacre –

What is the World Trade Organization? –

Malala condemns Donald Trump call for Muslim ban in US –

N Korea sentences Canada pastor to life in jail –

Pakistan remembers Peshawar Army Public School attack –

Is Europe going to restrict teens from using Facebook? –

Is Europe going to restrict teens from using Facebook? –

Los Angeles schools shut over email threat to students –

Flying close to Beijing’s new South China Sea islands –

In pictures: International Volunteer Day –

Impression of biblical king’s seal found in Jerusalem –

Young, geeky and black in Memphis –

Minneapolis protests: Four charged in ‘racially motivated’ shooting –

Forced sterilisation haunts Peruvian women decades on –

Why South Korea is rewriting its history books –

Does the Royal Institution have a future? –

Tearful plea of migrants ‘stuck’ on Greece border –

DNA study finds London was ethnically diverse from start –

Belgians urged to leave Burundi by CNDD-FDD –

Globe puts Shakespeare shorts on big screens –

BBC 100 Women 2015: Who is on the list? –

Remembrance Sunday: Queen to lead tributes to war dead –

Historians searching for Victorian crimes –

Supreme Court hears Libya dissident rendition claim –

Tyshawn Lee: Child’s alleyway ‘execution’ shocks US –

‘Mysterious light in sky’ spooks California –

Death of US policeman that sparked manhunt ruled suicide –

Permafrost warming in parts of Alaska is ‘unbelievable’ –

Calais migrants to be given heated tents, as police numbers rise –

Wikileaks claims release of CIA boss John Brennan’s emails –

Robert Menard: France’s strongest far-right mayor –

An alternative tour of Beijing following Xi’s comments on ‘human rights’ –

Inside Henry V’s secret chapel at Westminster Abbey –

The Vocabularist: Nerve-racking or nerve-wracking? –

Synod sows confusion among Pope’s faithful –

Nestle set to resume sales of Maggi noodles in India –

Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO –

New Russian Gulag museum recreates Soviet terror

http://Hiroshima marks 70 years since atomic bomb –

Selma civil rights march begins –

Ukraine: An evening on the front line with troops in Donetsk  –

NSW school prayer groups audited for extremist ideology –

More arrests in Chile burning case

New York to pay Garner family $5.9m

Teen convicted of over 50,000 hacks

Baltimore mayor sacks police chief

UN to vote on Srebrenica ‘genocide’

FBI appeals in web ‘sextortion’ case

Call for global school emergency fund

Thousands attend HK democracy rally

Obama honours Charleston victims

Queen visits concentration camp site

Turning homework into a global firm

Irish Church needs ‘reality check’

UK migration: What’s really happening? – BBC News

Nebraska abolishes death penalty

Baltimore police charged over death

Russian ‘forced bride’ reporter flees

‘Miracle baby’ for earthquake victim

Ex-CIA officer jailed for leaking

The importance of company logos

Merkel pressed on German spy scandal

Vietnam marks 40 years since war

Anger over Indonesia executions

Baltimore police enforce curfew

UK inflation rate falls to zero

Teachers warn of ‘Victorian’ poverty

Zuma vows to end xenophobic attacks

FBI admits forensic evidence errors

The enduring images of Abraham Lincoln

France opens Rwanda genocide archive

The UK’s first secret election vote

French MPs back ban on skinny models

Death row man freed after 30 years

Richard III remains return to city

Slaves punishments

Race relations 50 years after Selma

First female bishop consecrated

Apple ‘deeply offended’ by BBC story

Tech giant funds 13-year-old inventor


Samsung ends laptop sales in Europe

US agrees $500m Navajo tribe payout

‘I lost a job because of my tattoos’

Golding Flies classic marks 60 years

Richard III death injuries revealed – first female bishop consacrated

Tech giant funds 13-year-old inventor

Oklahoma to delay three executions

Food suppliers ‘at risk of collapse’

The following article does not actually come from the BBC, though I thought it may be helpful for any activity related to civil rights in the U.S.A.

The following article is here not only because I’ve loved Bruce Springsteen’s music since I was a little kid, but also because there are several connections between his music and the political scene along the years.

This is the Top list of the 100 most interesting books to read this summer, according to the New York Times–Xac5aDLFcNe4Ji9aWkJL_KCV1Z-I0WHOLrEA6SsnamxCO_20gS6PtHttnougmEY2GXAxH2cBgrZdPi7c&


The moving story of a famous actor: Sylvester Stallone

hou tu pranownse Inglish


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