Hi kids!

As usual, in the 2nd grade, we watch some films which show the importance of living together and raze any cultural and social barrier that might forbid men to live united as a whole.

We do not like to talk about tolerance, it is not the right word for the process we mean. It is not related to the feelings we should have for someone, it is more about the ability to find richness in being together, which also means respecting other people’s culture and tradition, without erasing one’s own.

Here are the films:

– To kill a mockingbird

– Remember the Titans

– The Freedom Writers

– The Help

– Les femmes du 6eme étage

– 14 kilòmetros

At the end of every film session, you are asked to produce a short document in which you answer and comment on some aspects of the films.

The aim of this activity is to get new perspectives on life and the world where you live and also, if possible, getting familiarity with the English language (linguistic diversity based on time of the setting, place, ethnies, social conditions).

Enjoy it!


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