Dear kids,

Just wanted to let you know that GIORGIA BONVICINO, one of our students and participants into the Juvenes Translatores contest, has been rewarded with a

for her extraordinary job in translating from Spanish into Italian in 2015 edition.

Well done Giorgia!!! Congrats!


Dear kids,

here are the winners of the 2015 contest, well done!



here we are for this new edition (2015) of the European contest! Train well,

see you!




Hi kids,

Click the above link to check the winners!


Dear kids,

I would like you to remember that our school was selected to partecipate into the Juvenes Translatores contest, organized by the European Commission.


This happened on November 27th and the kids who signed up to the translation contest were:

Ambrosio Alessia, 5^ ling

Fossati Alice, 4^ ling

Fraire Simone, 4^ ling

Giorgia Di Stefano, 3^ ling

Colli Alessandro, 3^ ling

In February we will learn who won the competition. Don’t forget that there is only ONE winner for each pair of languages.

Stay tuned!


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